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UPSTIX is a data-driven iBuying solution. We help businesses in the property market sell homes quickly and get back on the move!

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Estate Agent

For estate agents, UPSTIX is a swift solution to frustrating breaks in the chain or those listings that just won’t sell.


UPSTIX’s buying power is ideal for developers and builders who are faced with unsold properties. We’ll buy single or multiple units with a transparent instant cash purchase.

Legal Professional

In challenging times, your clients need certainty. If a property is the subject of probate, divorce, or faced with a break in the chain, we’re ready to step in. We’ll buy without hassle, stress, or lengthy time frames.

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Frequently asked questions

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UPSTIX will offer up to 90% of a property’s value. This is to cover all costs and associated fees in purchasing, holding and selling the property. We also take on the risk that we may sell that property for less than anticipated.
There are no hidden fees or charges for businesses using UPSTIX, and the only fee a homeowner will need to cover is the conveyancing fees.
UPSTIX are fully funded cash buyers. That means we can move quickly and buy properties fast. In fact, we can complete in just 7 days once the offer has been accepted and the homeowner’s solicitors instructed.
Yes! Our ChainBreak service is able to step in and purchase the property that has caused the break. By combining an UPSTIX offer (typically at 11% discount on market value) with contributions from the other parties in the chain, all properties can sell at market value and the chain can complete.

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