Sell your rental property fast (even if it’s tenanted)

We give landlords instant cash offers for their buy-to-let properties, regardless of the rental contract in place.

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Don’t feel trapped by the rental market

UPSTIX is looking to provide better flexibility in the buy-to-let market, by allowing landlords to easily find a responsible buyer for their rentals. Whether you’re looking to downsize your portfolio or simply get out of the game altogether, UPSTIX will ensure your home and tenants are well cared for.

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The UPSTIX difference

UPSTIX works with estate agents to address two major hurdles - broken chains and selling listings at speed. We’re able to not only provide instant cash-offers on those stubborn listings, but we can help keep transactions on track by buying properties that are causing a property chain to fall through. This means there are plenty of benefits to bringing UPSTIX onboard!

We buy tenanted homes

We can purchase properties with tenants still in situ. What’s more, we always do everything we can to keep current occupants in place and happy throughout the process.

Sell your rental fast

As a fully funded cash buyer, we can move fast! In fact, once you’ve accepted our offer, we can move to completion in as little as 7 days.

UPSTIX Buying Power

Simple cash offer

UPSTIX brings all the benefits of a cash buyer, meaning no annoying chains, no waiting around for mortgage valuations, and certainty of sale from day one.

Discover our portfolio

See our buying power at work with our current portfolio of properties - the value totalling over £25 million.

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If your client is at risk of a broken chain, UPSTIX will step in to make an instant cash offer. Our offers are typically 11% under market value, and our platform allows everyone in the chain to spread the remaining costs between themselves. Our ChainBreak platform makes coordination between parties simple and transparent. Simply point your clients to our team and we’ll handle the rest!
If you’re working with a homeowner or developer who wants to sell their property fast, then look no further. We are a fully funded cash buyer, so move very quickly. In fact, once the offer has been accepted and the solicitors brought on board, we can complete in as little as seven days.
No! Whether using our ChainBreak or iBuying service, there are no hidden fees attached. A homeowner will only need to cover the conveyancing costs, which means there’s less to pay out of pocket than traditional buying routes.
We use property data from over 29 million homes to generate our offers, which then go through our team of experts before being put to a homeowner. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and always get an independent assessment of the fair market value to validate the offer. On the whole, our offers come with an 11% discount from the market value, which we are always 100% transparent about.

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