Introducing CHAINBREAK.

Are you in a Broken House Chain?

Many people have experienced the frustration and disappointment of a broken house chain. You’ve found your dream home, you’re waiting to exchange and then suddenly it all goes wrong. More often than not, it’s entirely out of your control and nothing can be done to fix the issue.

Well, we have some great news to share because we’ve found a way forward…

Introducing UPSTIX’s CHAINBREAK Solution for Broken House Chains

CHAINBREAK is a new to market service from UPSTIX, created to help property owners, estate agents and conveyancers navigating a broken chain.

UPSTIX is in a unique position to step in and help resolve the broken house chain by purchasing the property that has caused the break. By combining an UPSTIX offer (typically at 11% discount on market value) with contributions from the other parties in the chain, all properties can sell at market value and the chain can complete – quickly, transparently and with certainty.

Who can use The CHAINBREAK Solution?

The purpose of the UPSTIX CHAINBREAK solution is to keep the house market moving and resolve the historical challenge of house sales falling-through at the last moment, often due to a break in the chain. That’s why we’re trusted by homeowners, estate agents, conveyancers and house builders across the UK.

We are here to keep the house market moving and ready to support you with getting your house sale to completion. In as little as seven days, in fact.

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