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Are you facing a broken chain?

Many people have experienced the frustration and disappointment of a broken house chain. You’ve found your dream home, you’re waiting to exchange and then suddenly it all goes wrong. Luckily ChainBreak is here to help!

ChainBreak is a new service from UPSTIX, created to help property owners, estate agents and conveyancers navigate a broken chain.

UPSTIX is in a unique position to step in and help resolve the broken house chain by purchasing the property that has caused the break. By combining a UPSTIX offer (typically at 11-15% discount on market value) with contributions from the other parties in the chain, all properties can sell at market value and the chain can complete – quickly, transparently, and with certainty!

How does it work?

After your consultation with our team, we’ll connect with the estate agents involved to set them up on our platform.

We can then start the ChainBreak journey!

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We’ll make an instant cash offer on the affected property, which will be at a discount from the market value.

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

Once the offer has been accepted, the other homeowners in the chain can contribute funds to make up the deficit.



When the target has been reached, the chain will be fixed and the rest of the sales can complete!

How we work

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Get free chain advice from our experts

Facing a broken chain can be stressful, however, our team is always on hand to talk you through your options.

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Frequently asked questions

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UPSTIX will offer up to 90% of your property’s value. This is to cover all costs and associated fees in purchasing, holding and selling the property. We also take on the risk that we may sell your property on for less than anticipated.

UPSTIX has been founded on many years of residential property experience. Our people are passionate about making buying and selling houses as simple as possible. We deliver data-driven valuations and cash offers, and superior customer service. We always use an independent agent to validate our valuation and our cash offer is typically an 11% discount on the current market value. We will always be transparent with you, sharing our valuations to show how we calculated our cash offer.

UPSTIX are upfront and transparent from day one – we just need you to cover the conveyancing fees. There are no hidden fees or charges.

UPSTIX are fully funded cash buyers. That means we can move quickly and you can sell your house fast. In fact, we can complete in just 7 days once you have accepted our offer and instructed your solicitors.