How we works.

We work to three key principles: Data-driven valuation. FREE online cash offer. Quick sale.

Getting you from accepting our offer to completion in as little as seven days.

It’s quick, easy and efficient – it’s the smart move!

Let’s break it down some more…

Get your rapid offer.

Simply enter your postcode and a few other details to see if you are eligible for a no obligation offer.


Finalising your offer.

Once you have registered your interest in receiving an offer from us, we’ll send an Estate Agent to your house to appraise your property. We will then provide a final offer, taking into consideration your property’s location, the local property market, and the property’s size and condition. We’ll also assess the potential time it will take to sell your property if you chose the more traditional route.  To be totally transparent, we’ll share our calculations with you. You’re perfectly entitled to change your mind, and under no obligation to accept our offer. We want you to do what’s right for you.

 Understand more about our offer calculation here >

Exchange & Completion.

If you are happy with our offer, next we’ll have your property valued by a RICS surveyor and instruct a lawyer on your behalf to deal with the legal side. Rest assured we can complete – and have funds in your bank account – in as little as seven days, if you’re ready to move quickly with us.

Reasons for selling.

At UPSTIX, we understand there are many reasons why a customer might be selling a property. From an immediate relocation requirement to a divorce or a death in the family, every sale is unique – and often requires the utmost sensitivity. That’s why we’ve made sure our tried and tested process is compatible for every situation. You can trust us to move quickly and no matter the reason you’re selling, you can sell with certainty.


If you’ve lost a loved one, we are here to provide you with sensitive guidance and fast solutions. In fact, we can buy your probate property in as little as 7 days.

Divorce & Relationship Breakdown

Whether you’re going through a divorce or break up, often your assets will need to be sold and divided. We understand this can be a difficult time and we’re here to make selling your house as seamless as possible.

Buying a New House

You’ve found your dream house – but you haven’t yet sold the one you currently own. Our new ‘If Only’ service buys your house quickly and provides you with the necessary financing to purchase your new home chain free.

Broken Property Chain

Our new service ‘ChainBreak’ allows us step in and help resolve a broken chain by purchasing the property that has caused the break. By combining an UPSTIX purchase with contributions from the other property vendors in the chain, all properties can sell at market value.

Emigration & Relocation

If you’re leaving the UK for a new life abroad, UPSTIX can purchase your house quickly, so you can take control of your completion date and move on with ease.


If you’re ready to retire, downsize or be free of mortgage payments, UPSTIX can help you make plans for your future, knowing you have a guaranteed offer and a sale that will be fast.

Debt & financial difficulty

When you sell to UPSTIX, we can give you proof of intent to purchase your house – relieving you of the financial stress of your creditors.